BOSSAR PACKAGING, S.A. will participate at the Interpack 2014 Trade Fair at the same location they exhibited at on the last Interpack: Hall 8b, booth D40.

BOSSAR PACKAGING, S.A. was founded in 1992 in Barcelona, and has continually innovated in the field of Horizontal Packaging Machinery. Bossar is currently undergoing an extremely strong business growth that has led her to the establishment of several subsidiaries in USA, China, India, Italy, France and Chile with production sites in the USA, India, China and Italy, as well as their headquarters in Barcelona.

During the next Interpack Fair Bossar will present several different horizontal forming, filling and sealing horizontal packaging machinery lines. A totally new, full servo driven horizontal machine with Ultraclean facilities, a brand new auto-format carousel design machine for pre-made pouches plus a very special development to be announced during the Interpack fair which will interest many of our customers in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, household, cosmetic or personal care industries.

As well as the above new developments, Bossar will also display its standard horizontal packaging machine model B 1400 producing sachets in duplex operating at a speed of 150-160 sachets per minute. This machine will be integrated with an intermittent full multi-axis servo cartoning machine model IMS, equipped with a rotary feeder of cartons that will feed them vertically reaching a speed of 60 cartons per minute in simplex, and 120 cartons per minute in duplex. During the fair it will produce twenty-five sachets in each display carton.

The BMS, a full servo machine, will produce stand up pouches in triplex with a top valve inserted at a speed of 195 pouches per minute. Complete with three magnetic flow meters to fill liquids and will be equipped with Rockwell PLC, total shape cutting and full UltraClean execution.

The BCS-PMP is a full servo carousel machine for filling and sealing pre-made pouches. The machine is equipped with a carrousel cassette and a special handling system patented by Bossar which allows a fast automated servo format size change. This packing machine can reach a speed of 60 pouches per minute, and during the fair will work with two different formats to demonstrate the speed of format size change.

Finally, the model BVH is a completely new concept of packing machine for flexible packaging materials, a technological innovation to produce pouches with or without valves and fill them with granulated, powdered or liquid products.

Exhibitor Data Sheet