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Hygiene certification in Indonesia and Wedderstedt

Paul & Co produces in accordance with high hygiene standards at all plants.

In Wildflecken, for example, surface treated paper cores for sophisticated films are manufactured in a part of the plant which has a BRC/IoP certificate.

Grade A

In addition, the production sites Kunert Wedderstedt and Paul & Co Asia have also obtained “BRC/IoP 4.0” certification (achieved grade: A). Paul & Co Asia has additionally been certified to ISO 22000. The paper cores produced in the certified production areas are used as winding cores for high-quality films suitable for application in the food, pharmaceutical and fem-care sector.


The certification makes the compliance with hygiene standards more transparent for customers. This comprises for example, permanent microbiological tests by an independent institute, to ensure the hygienic safety of the products. It also includes hygienic safety of the production premises and on-going training of employees.

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