OCME S.r.l.

High speed filling for 'variable viscosity' liquids

OCME introduces a new patented valve to solved the problem of filling containers with “variable viscosity” fluids.

The problem of non-Newtonian liquids is in fact the tendency to expand when subjected to a force and this prevents the filling of containers with too much pressure, for example at a high speed.
Some common examples of non-Newtonian fluids are blood, asphalt, toothpaste, additives and, in general, the polymeric fluids.

Ocme has solved this problem through the development of a valve which, placed on the filling nozzle, exactly at the point of dispensing, prevents the expansion of the liquid, taking advantage of the temperature variation.

The OCME Libra R5 filling machine carries out the filling of containers with non-Newtonian viscous liquids at high speed, without wasting the product, or necessarily having to increase the number of valves, so avoiding high costs and waste.

At Interpack it will be possible to find out more about the new patented valve, and all the news OCME 2014 for the secondary packaging.

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