High-output, multi-format lines, for packaging liquid cosmetics (shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc.)

Developed in Flexo mass flowmeter versions, the complete lines offered by PKB have won over many customers worldwide, particularly in Brazil, the USA, Europe, South Africa, India, Ukraine, etc. These machines are capable of achieving outputs of 160 units/min for volumes of up to 400 ml.

The use of mass flowmeters, judiciously programmed with servodrives, enables remarkably convenient use, resulting in multi-format lines, in terms of various products and varied bottle shapes, for optimised performance and unprecedented flexibility.

If pucks are used, lateral transfer of the containers under the filling nozzles makes it possible to optimise the filling time and thus increase outputs with an equivalent or lower number of nozzles/flowmeters.

Indeed, one of the characteristics of the flowmeter is its readiness for filling at any moment, unlike the conventional volumetric systems that require «recharging» the pumps between fillings.

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