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FrymaKoruma at Interpack 2014: Innovative processing equipment for the highest hygienic standards and product quality

1.	FrymaKoruma Frymix II Lab vacuum processing unit

In order to deliver products at competitive prices, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries need plant and equipment that meet the highest hygienic and quality standards. The processing solutions on show from May 8 to 14 at the FrymaKoruma stand at Interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf (Germany) are designed to help producers meet these challenges. The machines will be on show at the FrymaKoruma Stand B23 in Hall 1.

FrymaKoruma Frymix II Lab vacuum processing unit

The FrymaKoruma Frymix II Lab vacuum processing unit is mainly used to develop new formulations and produce very small batch sizes. In the lab scale version, it has a usable volume of between four and twelve litres. With its enclosed design, it is the system of choice for manufacturers of high-quality pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The machine complies with all cGMP / GAMP specifications for sterile suspensions and emulsions. The products are processed according to the rotor-rotor principle by a powerful homogenizer, which was explicitly developed for temperature and shear-sensitive formulations. The incremental adjustment of the conical milling gap and the stepless adjustment of the rotor speed enable this input to be precisely defined. The unique deaerating technology, optimal heat exchange and elimination of all external piping add up to very short processing times, absolutely reliable processes and ointments, gels, creams or lotions of the highest possible quality.

FrymaKoruma Dinex H Lab vacuum processing unit

The FrymaKoruma Dinex H Lab vacuum processing unit gives manufacturers of creams, ointments, lotions, pastes and dispersions optimal processing times, droplet distribution and product quality. In the lab scale version, it has a usable volume of between three and twelve litres. The improved tool geometry extends the residence time of the cosmetic or pharmaceutical products in the horizontal homogeniser and increases the overall effectiveness of the equipment. The optimized energy input of the rotor-stator system is a particular advantage for shear-intensive products. The shear energy can be varied over a defined range by adjusting the speed. The pumping efficiency of the process tool changes proportionally. FrymaKoruma offers reliable scale-ups within each product family: precisely defined processes and finely scalable parameters form the basis for reproducible results.

FrymaKoruma CoBall®-Mill MS annular gap bead mill

FrymaKoruma's CoBall®-Mill annular gap bead mill is an in-line milling system for manufacturing suspensions and other products of almost any viscosity. This mill is the ideal solution for superfine grinding of active pharmaceutical ingredients such as sterile ophthalmic medications and ointments as well as numerous cosmetics and chemical applications. Its design guarantees strict compliance with the rigorous requirements of the cGMP regulations for pharmaceutical production under aseptic conditions. The unusually narrow milling chamber is filled between 50 and 80 percent full of beads made from wear-resistant ceramic materials. The CoBall®-Mill boasts a high milling power in relation to its very small chamber and the grinding energy input can be as much as 8 kW/dm3. Users profit from extremely homogeneous results with particle sizes on the nanoscale. Thanks to the distinctive conical geometry of the rotor-stator tool, the mill inputs the milling forces directly into the product. The residence time in the milling chamber – and hence the production process overall – is therefore significantly reduced. Despite the high energy input, the process temperature can be precisely controlled because the machine has a very efficient heat exchange surface. Cooling ducts in the rotor, stator and mill cover prevent the product from overheating. Cleaning is fully automated in the form of CIP (cleaning in place), SIP (sterilisation in place) and DIP (drying in place).

The FrymaKoruma technology will be on show at the Interpack trade fair in Dusseldorf (Germany) from May 8 to 14, 2014 (Hall 1, Stand B23).

To learn more about FrymaKoruma, why not ask for a demonstration of our machines? If you would like to arrange a fixed time to talk to someone at our booth, please send an e‑mail stating when you would like to visit us and possibly where your main interests lie to Allan Hause,


For more than 65 years now, FrymaKoruma has been a leading international supplier of processing machinery and equipment. The company manufactures a wide range of mills, in-line machines and vacuum processing units for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries. FrymaKoruma resides at two sites in Rheinfelden (Switzerland) and Neuenburg (Germany). Over 23,000 installations built by FrymaKoruma are currently in use in more than 180 different countries. Around 150 staff support, and supply to, customers all over the world. Since April 2014, FrymaKoruma and Stephan Machinery of Hameln in North Germany have cooperated in a group specialising in processing technology under the name ProXES, a new umbrella corporation within the DBAG portfolio. ProXES stands for 'Processing and eXpert Engineering Services'.

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