Rieke Packaging Systems

Fine mist sprayers extend Rieke range

Rieke Dispensing is introducing a new range of fine mist sprayers for the cosmetic and personal care industry. The 8201 Series offers a variety of formats and customisation options to enable the dispensers to be tailored to particular product or brand requirements.

The 8201 is convenient and easy to use and delivers an accurate 0.15ml dose in a variety of spray patterns. It is available in a number of sizes to fit different bottle closures and can be specified in a smooth or ribbed finish. The dispenser can also be produced in different colours, including a two-tone version, and printing options are available to enable it to be fully personalised and maximise on-shelf appeal.

An overcap, manufactured in K-resin or polypropylene, provides additional product protection during distribution and in the home.

Typical applications include hair care products, anti-bacterial or disinfectant sprays, fresheners, cleaners and other personal skin care products.

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