Fast, flexible and cost-effective standard palletiser


Qimarox introduces the Highrunner mk7

The Qimarox Highrunner mk7 is a palletiser that is not only lighting quick, but also very flexible. Because the machine is constructed entirely out of standard modules, the Highrunner mk7 can be used in any situation without any additional adjustments. Thanks to its high degree of standardisation, costs relating to purchase, installation, use and maintenance are also considerably reduced. This palletiser module is already available from €29,000. Furthermore, integrators can choose to add their own pallet lift, or use one of the Qimarox models.

The Highrunner mk7 is the result of continuous development by Qimarox. The design of the existing Highrunners has been further simplified, resulting in fewer parts and more standard components. As a result, costs relating to purchase, installation, use and maintenance are considerably reduced. All this makes the Highrunner mk7 the most competitive palletising solution on the market today.

Whether it’s boxes with or without covers, trays with or without foil, buckets, crates or jerrycans – the Highrunner mk7 can carefully and accurately position them according to any desired pattern and deposit them on the pallet layer by layer. The user-friendly touch screen allows operators to easily select the desired stacking pattern and program new stacking patterns if necessary.

The fastest in the Qimarox range

The Highrunner mk7 is not only economical and versatile, but also the fastest palletiser from the Qimarox product range. A unique feature is that the pattern-formation conveyor is always located at the same height as the top of the pallet. This allows the layers created on the pattern-formation conveyor to be deposited at lighting speed, which makes for a particularly high capacity.

This high capacity is therefore the result of the high position of the pattern-formation conveyor and the built-in lift supporting the pallet. After each deposited layer, the lift drops a little bit, so that the top of the pallet is always at the same height.

Once a pallet is full, the lift descends to floor level, after which a roller conveyor removes the products. At the same time, an empty pallet is supplied from the opposite
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