Achem Technology Corp.

Double Sided Foam Tape PN#F6D03

•Wonder double coated Polyethylene Foam Tapes F6D03 are used for the adhesive fixation of side-line accessory,anti-bump board, wood accessory anti-sunlight window car name plate,side-line accessory of home appliance,craftwork, etc.
•This professional doubl-side adhesive can be well used for the wooden decoration of door, heat-inslution material of car conditioner; the meter, ti-bump board. side board,carpet,seat of the car ; travel cases,name plate,

Backing: PE Foam
Thickness (mm):0.1
Adhesion (kg/mm): 2.0/25 ↑
Elongation (%): 500 ↑
Tensile Strength (kg/mm): 2.2/25 ↑

Exhibitor Data Sheet