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Coveris DuoSmart(R) dairy range with window cut-outs

Siemianowice (Poland) 07/05/2014 – Coveris presents DuoSmart®,an innovative plastic-paper-combination, at Interpack in Düsseldorf in May 2014.

The best of functional plastic and premium paper

DuoSmart® combines the advantages of both plastic and paper, presenting a functional, secure and highly decorative packaging solution by Coveris.

The plastic inlet, made of PS, PP, PP/EVOH, PLA or PET, enables smooth and fast filling and sealing with a standard filling line set-up. It is adequate for a wide filling & storage temperature range. Thanks to the plastics properties, food safety quality is not compromised and longer shelf life with optimal freshness is achieved.

The paper sidewall banderole gives the cup its stability and increased stiffness and offers high quality decoration options through offset printing on both sides. This ensures perfect colour reproduction. For ready meal products a filling line could be printed on the inner side, which becomes visible through a transparent plastic inlet.

Enhanced brand communication & promotion options

The printing option on both sides of the paper sidewall banderole allows enhanced space for branding including special effects like embossing or hot-stamping. Even eye-catching shape windows can be cut-out of the paper banderole to show the content of the cup. For promotion purposes collector’s items such as mini-booklets, labels or kids’ tattooes can be applied in-between the plastic & paper layers. A paper bottom is optional for increased height and improved product presentation but also for printing a bar code, which enables easy scanning without disturbing the artwork.

A truly sustainable & convenient packaging solution

DuoSmart® is a truly environmental-friendly packaging: the paper board is PEFC & FSC certified and the plastic inlet provides resource-saving as it is produced with minimal use of material. Moreover, both plastic and paper components can be easily separated into different waste streams after product consumption by consumers. Layer separation and post-consumer waste handling is easily facilitated through a perforated zipper option on the paper sidewall banderole.

The DuoSmart® packaging is a convenient solution for yoghurts, spreadable cheese, ready meals like instant food, ice cream, cookies, sweets, cereals, nuts & other snacking products. It is also suitable for pet food and non-food products.

Different lid options including flat sealing, dome or re-closable lids are available for the adequate product application.


Latest product developments based on the successful plastic-paper-concept are a 100% nature friendly DuoSmart® cup, a patented 100% liquid-tight Shaker DuoSmart® cup and an Insulation DuoSmart® cup.

The 100% nature-friendly DuoSmart® cup consists of a light-weighted PLA inlet with a recycled paper segment. A second development is the patented 100% liquid-tight Shaker DuoSmart® cup, a PS inlet with rounded rim and a re-closeable high dome lid, which is applied for pet food and non-food products. The Insulation DuoSmart® cup for hot drinks, consisting of an expanded PS inlet and a paper segment with zipper option, presents the latest development by Coveris.

The wide range of the innovative paper-plastic-combination DuoSmart® will be presented in a few days at Interpack in Düsseldorf at the Coveris Stand E43 in Hall 10.

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