Concetti S.p.A.

Concetti FFS Forza 2600

Ultra high level production capacity and top quality features place the CONCETTI ffs "Forza" at the pinnacle of today's performance for a form-fill-seal packing system using a tubular reel.

Specifically conceived for the petrochemical industry, the new CONCETTI ffs "Forza" can achieve a filling rate of 2.600, 25 kg bags/hour with a single bagging spout.

This technology jewel is the crown in the range of FFS machines manufactured by Concetti and is designed to combine the advantages of:

• Top performances rates with

• Reduced air consumption and operating noise and

• Easier maintenance and use by the customer.

A wide range of accessories to meet the needs of the most demanding client completes the system, such as:

1. Bag corners sealing (“K” sealing), which improves the bags shape, enhancing pallet security and aesthetics as well as helping total emptying of the bag.

2. Reel ELECTRIC lifting device: which allows the reel to be loaded without the use of additional lifting devices.

3. Gussets forming system: which allows the manufacturing of gusseted bags from a flat (i.e. ungusseted) reel of tubular film.

The advantages are significant:

- Reduced downtime due to longer intervals between reel changes (with the same reel diameter, the flat reel film will be double ⃰ the gusseted reel length).

- Narrow gussets with respect to the film width may prove impossible with a gusseted reel otherwise reel stability could be compromised.

- Reduced costs for reel transport and storage (more film for the same reel size).

The complete machine cycle develops across four stations: bag forming by cutting the polyethylene film tube and heat-sealing the bottom, bag bottom cooling, bag filling and closing by heat sealing the bag mouth.

All the bag transfers are made ​​with a pendulum system to provide a smoother action and increase the protection of mechanical moving parts from the harmful build-up of dust that might prevent the parts from working efficiently.

Mechanical cams driven by a brushless servomotor control the arm movements: this solution guarantees maximum accuracy, greater performance and harmonization of operations according to the speed selected as well as reduced maintenance.

Particular emphasis has been placed on making the system easy for the operator to use. There are fewer parameters in the software and a reduced number of possible adjustments. This newly conceived packaging system is also designed to optimize maintenance time and costs, thanks to the following technical features:

1. Maximum accessibility to all parts requiring maintenance or cleaning.

2. Interchangeability of components and groups

3. Reduction of mechanical adjustments by using specifically tailor made parts crafted with laser cutting machines.

4. Using the highest quality components available in the market

5. User interface by wide colour touch screen, which is particularly easy to navigate, through the extensive use of icons and texts to assist the operator in every kind of intervention that may be needed.

6. All the different functions and movements can be driven by manual controls on the panel, allowing the operator or maintenance engineer to easily inspect and check the machine.

7. Three different password levels of can be configured to restrict access to the different panel functions.

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