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Coveris eXpert vending cup with an eXtra compact, light and sustainable design

Nijkerk & Standdaarbuiten (The Netherlands), Sofia (Bulgaria), Stanley & Livingston (UK) 24/04/2014 – Innovative Packaging Solutions are in the focus of the COVERIS Food Service team at this year’s Interpack in Düsseldorf.

Food Service highlights by Coveris

The Food Service team of the innovative plastic packaging manufacturer Coveris puts the focus on the latest product & technology innovations and Food Service highlights at this year’s Interpack in Düsseldorf, which are presented at the Coveris Stand E43 in Hall 10 between 8th-14th May.

VenDuo® vending cups – innovative premium solution for the vending industry

VenDuo® is a patented vending cup range with excellent insulation properties, which consists of a plastic inlet (PS) and a brandable paper banderole. The technology is based on the successful DuoSmart® concept, a promising plastic-paper-combination with numerous branding and promotion opportunities. The plastic inlet with rim roll makes the cup robust in handling, the product neutral in taste and allows an uncompromised drink safety. The outer paper banderole gives stability to the cup, enables a comfortable grip feeling and offers customized, high-quality branding options through offset printing. The air gap in-between both components enables excellent insulation properties. Consequently, the content stays hot and the cup remains comfortably « cool » in the hand of consumers.

Coveris’ new vending cup range presents an environmental-friendly packaging solution not only because the paper board is PEFC / FSC certified but also because the plastic inlet is saving resources as it is produced with minimal use of material. Moreover, both plastic and paper components can be easily separated into different waste streams by the consumer. Enhanced sustainability can be achieved by using recycled and food contact approved board for the paper banderole.

VenDuo® completes the existing PS vending cup ranges by a reliable, highly decorative, functional, sustainable and vendible packaging solution for premium positioned products.

Extension of the successful eXpert vending cup range

The Coveris eXpert cup is an innovative, light-weighted packaging solution especially designed for the economic and ecological use in vending machines. The cup is eXtra compact, eXtra light and eXtra sustainable and made of 100% recyclable polystyrene (PS). The rib structure combines minimum weight with a maximum of strength. Moreover, the stacking height is optimized. Thus, allows 20% more cups per sleeve and as a result per vending machine compared to vending cups with a standard stacking feature. This positively affects the tour planning of vending operators and the CO2 balance for all stakeholders. The cup’s original design also prevents any blockages in vending machines.

It is the unique design, the excellent vendibility and its high recognition value which has brought the eXpert cup a very good reputation so that Coveris has decided to extend the successful 160ml size with two additional variants in 150ml and 180ml.

Deli tray range – an ongoing success

The Deli tray range of Coveris is the result of ongoing development and continuous improvement. Over the years, more and more products, such as biscuits, pastry, tapas, cheese and other snacks, have found their way onto the trays, which were formerly only used as sushi trays. The trays convince by its sleek design, its black base, combined with a crystal-clear PET lid, giving the packed products a high‑quality look and premium image. A special feature of the trays is the open base with separate compartments. The standard range is available in many different sizes and designs (compartments) and is successfully sold throughout Europe & the UK. Recently, Coveris has developed also a number of new custom-made versions in cooperation with its customers.

Crystal-clear, re-closable PET packaging solutions for healthy snacking products

In the last two years the trend for healthy snacking continued to boom, which has resulted in a growing demand for adequate product packaging with individual printing options. To meet the growing demand COVERIS Rigid Netherlands B.V. has developed a number of custom-made thermoformed and printed PET cups in cooperation with Reclamebeker, which are supplied to producers of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other so-called healthy snacks. The crystal-clear properties of the PET material, combined with high-quality printing in up to 8 colors, makes the packaging highly appealing to consumers. The packaging is also convenient and very practical to use by consumers, as it can be re-closed by a dome lid after opening.

The Vision & TamperGuardTM ranges by Coveris Rigid UK Limited have been developed to offer a strong emphasis on product visibility, being ideal for a wide variety of fresh foods, including salads and fruits. The modern Vision range is available in various lid options offering features, such as subtle clip in sporks, secure stacking or easy labeling.

The TamperGuardTM range of hinged containers incorporate a patented tamper evident « ring-pull » style opening feature, providing increased security against tampering. Subtle lid clip features allow the containers to be merchandised with or without cutlery. Both ranges are available in a range of sizes and manufactured in crystal-clear recycled PET (rPET).

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