C & C Group S.r.l. C-One Stretchwrapping machines

C-One Plana

At Interpack C&C will introduce the most innovative turntable pallet wrapper since 15 years: with only 18 mm, C-One Plana is the lowest turntable in the world! Thanks to its reduced height, the ramp is only 20 cm long, the turntable loading will be very easy and strain-free, no need to take a run up to pass the ramp, no danger to stumble against the ramp or slip whilst pushing the load on the ramp with a hand pallet truck. No ramp means space saving too, 1.5 square meter that can be used instead of being occupied by a ramp. If you use an electric pallet truck, you will not have any problem, it doesn’t matter how long the forks are, if you use a forklift you will never damage the bottom frame bumping it with the forks, as the bottom frame is so low that forks are always in a higher position.
C-One Plana starts a new era in the pallet wrapping!

Exhibitor Data Sheet