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From the 8th to the 14th of May, the city of Dusseldorf, Germany, is going to host Interpack, the important internationally recognized fair dedicated to the world of packaging. Bormioli Rocco is going to participate and present the revolutionary “anti-counterfeit” packaging, designed to ensure the highest level of security and integrity of the product, fundamental features, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. This solution represents an innovative answer to the problem of counterfeit drugs.

Counterfeiting can apply to both branded and generic products and it can result in damages to the brand identity, in loss of sales and in lawsuits. This system tackles efficiently the phenomenon of counterfeiting drugs: a security taggant is incorporated in the packaging. This ensures full control of the drugs along the whole supply chain, customer safety and brand integrity. All this at competitive costs compared to existing solutions.

The packaging (and thus the product) can be easily checked: a specific laser pen shows a green light when security taggant is detected, revealing if the packaging is authentic or counterfeit and allowing to detect if the drug is genuine or fake. Moreover, this solution is versatile: it can be incorporated into different types of packaging (e.g. CRC, bottles..) and it offers different levels of customization of the taggant.

Its performances are especially maximized when used on child-resistant closures, thanks to the combined action of the safety features of the closure.

Another successful product developed by Bormioli Rocco are the Delta Glass Vials. Delta Glass Vials use innovative technology to deliver cost savings combined with the superior performance demanded for freeze-drying and sterilization processes. This technology prevents delamination thanks to the excellent chemical resistance and internal surface homogeneity and offers consistent aesthetic enhancement by optimal distribution of the glass.

Bormioli Rocco opens new opportunities to the world of packaging, a vision to a future of strong cutting edge solutions that meet and anticipate the needs of the market.


Nowadays more than 900 qualified employees work at Bormioli Rocco B.U. Pharma which counts on five manufacturing plants entirely dedicated to the pharma packaging production along with six furnaces for moulded and tubular glass production. R&D is a milestone of this commitment in the pharmaceutical industry, and thanks to its high level of innovation Bormioli Rocco will further consolidate its position as a global leader in this highly specialized sector.



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