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Boost your competitive edge with New Generation Filler-Capper FC

To stand ahead of their competitors, manufacturers need to enforce their brand identity with countless variations of containers, cap shapes, applications, fragrances...

Not only does this high-segmentation challenge the industrial rationalization, it also requires more flexible packaging solutions. Serac’s New Generation Filler-Capper offers manufacturers, more specifically in the Home and Personal Care sectors, the opportunity to speed-up market launches, increase productivity and reduce operational costs. Mr. Guy Dumargue, Serac Group President commented “We are very excited about the open architecture of the FC Filler Capper. Many of our customers are looking to reduce their costs and we think the open design of the New FC will help them achieve lower operating expenses.”

Get the First-mover advantage
As launching new products is always time critical, Serac has worked to speed-up all processes, from machine assembly, delivery, commissioning, up to the set-up of new products or new formats on the filler-capper.
Similarly, Dynaflow® and Dynavalve (patented), the core parts of the filling system, are now integrated with the Universal Neck Gripper (patented), into a single station called “Revolution”.
This new design allows many bottles shapes, sizes and product types and eliminates complex and lengthy change-overs procedures. The first machine installed in the USA runs four bottles sizes and two neck sizes with minimal changeover.

Achieve near-zero production downtime
Special attention has been paid to help the operator maintain peak productions. As such, the ergonomic open design offers total visibility for a clear observation of the filling and capping cycles, all at eye level.
Additionally two large transparent sliding doors allow easy access to the equipment for faster and simplified maintenance procedures.
Finally, the machine is associated with a new release of the FCS+ v6 production management software which greatly simplifies monitoring operations.

Lead the price competition
To give manufacturers more room for pricing positioning, Serac used its 40 years of experience to reduce operational costs, right from the machine design stage.
“We have been practicing Total Productive Maintenance for years.” stated Mr. Wilfrid Marie, Serac Group Vice President, “In all aspects of the machine design, including cleaning time, change-over time, and water consumption. Great efforts have been made to reduce the number of change-overs and speeding up those that cannot be avoided.”

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