Langhammer GmbH

As a solution supplier for palletizing systems Langhammer sets new standards with “The Wave”

“The Wave” is the name of this new development from the palatine machine builder in Germany. As a combination of conveyor element and layer gripper “The Wave” can take complete product layers from a conveyor lane and place these, independently of configuration or product, safely on a pallet. This makes “The Wave” interesting for many sectors in the consumer industry and it can be used with almost all products.
The functional principle involved in this new development demonstrates the focused know-how of the palletizing and transport solution specialist carried by a conveyor belt as if on the crest of a wave the product is taken up by a split gripper apron while a four-sided compression aligns the layer formation on all four sides. In this way the product is transported safely and placed on the waiting pallet. It makes no difference if a full pallet or a half pallet, or a configuration with or without gaps, is being handled.
Typical clamp gripper systems apply pressure on the product layer and also require exchangeable form parts for configurations with gaps. “The Wave” positions the layer without pressure and exchangeable form parts for configurations with gaps are not required.
“I see a great advantage in the compact design of our new development because conventional systems, for example such which work with fork grippers, require up to 50 percent more space.” , observed Enrico Pes, Managing Director of Langhammer GmbH.

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