Arcil Obtains 3-A Certification

PARIS, France — February 10, 2014 — Arcil has obtained 3-A certification, a joint success for the teams from the FFS machine manufacturer and its Dosil metering division.

3-A Standards and Practices aim to enhance food, beverage and pharmaceutical product safety for consumers. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires industrial dairies to demonstrate that each component in their process and packaging installation fulfils FDA requirements. Standard 3A is recognized by the FSMA as sufficient proof of fulfilment, which makes the work of local inspectors easier.

Following the FSMA guidelines for the improvement of food safety, Arcil began structuring its approach to support its U.S. customers in 2011. With fillers and nozzle plates meeting the RPSCQC qualification, U.S. customers can now comply with current food standards in the U.S. while using Arcil’s Form-Fill-Seal machines.

Arcil’s roadmap for 2012-2015 required 3-A food standard compliance across all company departments. Internally, extensive training was carried out with the engineers of the Research Department. 11 R&D programs were then launched in order to redesign parts, research new materials and new suppliers. In January 2013, when the FSMA launched its decrees, Arcil and its metering division were already prepared to support their U.S. clients in the supply of 3A equipment.

Franck Bausela, Dosil Technical Engineering Leader, said, "3-A represents opportunity for growth for Arcil as it enables us to target new customers. We will continue to follow the 3-A roadmap towards its goal: a fully certified 3-A Arcil FFS Machine for 2015!"

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