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A touch screen instrument controller for the EJA vantage series tensile testing machines.

EJA Vantage Rycobel Thwing Albert

The EJA Vantage Series Universal Testing Machine has a new option available to customers. A touch screen instrument controller offers a simplified way to run tensile tests, peel tests, compression tests, and COF tests without the need of a computer.

Thwing-Albert's EJA Vantage Series is a brand known for quality and can be found in quality control laboratories worldwide. The new controller allows customers to have a simple, stand-alone version of the instrument and save the cost of a personal computer. Using a touch screen tablet that is connected to built-in bluetooth system, technicians can run basic test functions with the touch of their fingertips.

This option was developed as a quick and easy testing machine equipped to run tests. The other goal was to provide an option for materials testing that required minimal operator training. Customers can still opt to add MAP-4 testing software and connect to a computer to enhance the data analysis capabilities and user controls.

Two screen size options are available to customers: 7” and 10”. The EJA Vantage would be equipped with a touch screen mounted to the side panel of the machine. The built-in tests available include Tensile, Peel, Compression, and COF with parameters that can be easily modified and saved.

Customers looking for a simple solution to testing will find it easy to work with this instrument controller. This new system will automatically recognize what load cell is connected without any adjustments needed. The touch screen controller for this materials testing machine operates using bluetooth communication and can be easily connected to a network printer to print out reports generated from the testing results.

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