Dalian Takebishi Packing Industry Co. Ltd.

A Rebirth Guzibag and zipper tapes from Takebishi

Dalian Takebishi is on it again, we are proud to say yes, we can. That we control over 70% of China domestic market is not an ordinary claim but a fact that speak volume of our exploit in the field. Our efforts are geared towards developing the international market hence our presence in INTERPACK 2014, Duseldorf Germany. We may be new in the show but not in the market.

A key to business progress is no doubt its flexibility to adapt to changing environment and increasing customers’ demand. The stimulus reflex reaction of Takebishi to its esteemed customers lies on the experience of its engineers and technological advantage couple with high degree of dedication. The end of 2013 witnessed the land-mark break-through in our incomparable GUZIBAG. Our advantage on Guzibag could not be overemphasised. First, we surpassed obstruction in mechanizing production of such large capacity bag with side gusset. Largest size of Guzibag could contain over 20kg and the largest dimension of 900mm by 500mm by 138mm x2 is unmatchable. Takebishi do not only carefully select materials that are food friendly and medically safe, but also design to ensure safeness of the bag especially within children’s environment by adopting window zipper as against sliders which could be more detrimental at least if swollen. Window zipper is another new product on its own though still awaiting patent. With Guzibag, promoting ones product is enhanced as 4-sides are useful for printing information geared at promotion and educating target and potential customer alike. Guzibag is synonymous to storage in 2 aspects; one it reduces the frequency of going to the market since each bag can take more quantities. Secondly, Staking is not an issue as it can easily absorb pressure. The bag can also be attached with portable handles. We don’t only promise, we deliver!

Then a glorious year 2014, characterised with innovative research outcome geared at developing range of zipper tapes with lower sealing temperature and effect. First we made the revitalised PEP-Zipper suitable for both PE and PP material and compatible even with automatic bag making machine. This flexibility would ease stocking related problem. The sealing Temperature is relatively very low. We did not rest the case here, a successful development of classic zipper tapes with various width diameters and another lower but unimaginable sealing temperature and effects without necessarily applying coating. One may ask how can, the answer is simple, Takebishi can. Our new face is analogues innovation and the magic wand is our resilient. The list is on and on, a photosensitive zipper which can transform to different colours in reaction to ultra violet ray or sunshine' illumination, but would return to its original colour in their absence. A lower temperature below certain level would change the zipper to different colours, while a higher temperature renders it colourless. Use of biodegradable material, can decompose in a natural environment, therefore environmental friendly.

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