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A Perfect Combination

Labeling of unsorted parcels by TSC and Dalektron

Especially designed for use directly close to the production line, TSC´s partner Dalektron, Germany, offers a flexible solution for fully automatic marking and labeling of parcels and pallets. Industrial thermal transfer printers of TSC Auto ID are preferable used for this practical system.

The rugged MCA3500 has been developed for labeling of unsorted parcels and pallets with different sizes moving along a conveyor belt. Thanks to a powerful SPS control unit, it can be easily integrated in the entire production process.

An ultrasonic sensor controls the lift interruption or lift deactivation. A robot-controlled lift arm with a pneumatic vacuum stamp ensures that barcode labels can be securely applied at the side of different parcels. Depending on application requirements label formats of 105 x 150 mm and print width of 104 mm can be processed with up to 720 labels per hour. The data connection to a primary host system is also possible such as a stand-alone-solution via SD card slot.

Dalektron prefers the powerful thermal transfer printers of TSC's TTP-2410M Pro series which features a separate die-cast aluminium base plate and backplane that includes a metal media supply spindle and sturdy two roller damper. This new design results in a more durable printer that is suited for your most heavy-duty demand cycles.

There are three models available: The TTP-2410M Pro prints at 203 dpi at speeds up to twelve inches per second, TTP-346M Pro offers 300-dpi resolution at speeds up to eight inches per second. And the TTP-644M Pro features 600 dpi resolution which makes it ideal for printing very small 2D barcodes, graphics, fine print and other ultra-high-resolution images.

The printers are loaded with standard features including support for 600 meter ribbons, 8.2”OD media rolls, a large 6-button LCD, built-in Ethernet, a PS/2 keyboard interface, and USB 2.0, parallel and serial interfaces. It also offers plenty of memory, including 32 MB DRAM and 8 MB FLASH, which provides easy storage of fonts, international character sets and graphics.

Mounted on a rolling aluminium frame the rugged labeling system can be adjusted individually for each position in accordance with the product and need. It only requires a 3 or 6 bar compressed air connection and a 230 V outlet.

TSC Auto ID and its partners – always a perfect combination for perfect printing and labeling solutions!

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