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Overview: Technical Articles

Technical article No. 6: Beauty out of the tube, glass and jar


“Beauty is everywhere a very welcome guest,” wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe at the start of the 19th century. And already 3,000 years before this, a great deal of time and extensive care was devoted to external appearance.
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Technical article No. 5: Made-to-measure packages for industrial goods


Whether transported by sea, rail, air or road, industrial goods have to be packaged well and securely so that they reach the user or consumer in immaculate condition.
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Technical article No. 4: Food packages: safe, efficient, smart and sustainable


Modern packages think for themselves, remind us, extend shelf life, can be heated at the press of a button and influence our senses with their appearance, odour and feel – and some of them can even speak.
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Technical article No. 3: Pharmaceuticals packaging: safety across the board


“No compromising on product safety” is the overriding principle for companies of the pharmaceuticals industry and for allied enterprises in the packaging sector. Because of their high responsibility for human health, they are strictly monitored and have to observe numerous specifications and guidelines.
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Technical article No. 2: Confectionery and bakery product packages: standing out from the crowd – but not at any price


As the consumption of confectionery and bakery products continues to rise, so do the expectations of consumers. Not only do they want to be wowed by the taste, but they are also becoming choosier as far as the packaging is concerned. The latter has to catch the eye and provide additional functions while also responding to long-term environmental requirements.
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Technical article No. 1: Beverage packages: the perfect blend of individuality and efficiency


In the beverage sector, the packaging industry has to kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, consumers expect individually designed packages, if possible with supplementary functions. And secondly, increasingly eco-minded drinks consumers are showing a growing thirst for resource-conserving containers manufactured with environmentally compatible methods.
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